Cuppa Brothy


Making a “Cuppa Brothy” the norm? It wasn’t always. Here’s our top 8 tips for making the impossible a reality.  

Not so many years ago the thought of drinking bone broth, let alone getting our kids to drink it, seemed like the impossible. But today we can say that the impossible is now a reality and our children can sit and enjoy a warm “Cuppa Brothy”.  

We have found that the biggest hurdle when instigating changes like this with your family is yourself. Time and time again we realised that we need to start with ourselves.  Like Gandhi’s famous words, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Then we can only hope that our children and loved ones will look to us as role models and spark the movement towards something new. Now that we enjoy this nourishing essential, our children have been able to take it on board. IMG_2033

Here are our Top 8 Tips for getting your family to share a love for bone broth.  

  1. Be Open to understanding the nutritional benefits of this essential pillar of health. “With knowledge comes awareness and with awareness comes change.” Read more about the nutritional benefits here
  2. Face Your Fears.  Quite often our own judgement and perception can block our openness to learn, understand and embrace the benefits and importance of any lifestyle change. This is a major road block in itself. Once we face our fears we can feel empowered to step out of our comfort zone and make a change.
  3. Connect To Your Roots. Talk to your Grandparents or Great Grandparents about bone broth. Do they remember a pot of bone broth simmering on the stove? Do they remember the jelly broth in the fridge? What did they use it for? What are their memories? Seeking this knowledge from our ancestors allows us to reconnect with our culture and heritage which provides more meaning and purpose to the practice.
  4. Share Your Knowledge.  Don’t underestimate the depth of understanding a child is capable of. Explain it as it is. Why is bone broth good for our bodies? Where does it come from and how is it made? Emphasise the ethical values around using the entire animal. 
  5. Start Slowly.  Every family is different. If you are at the end of the spectrum and feel you have no change of anyone in your family sitting down to a ‘cuppa brothy’, don’t start there. Add bone broths to all of your cooking… soups, stews, gravies, veggies. Let your children see the way you make it and use it. 
  6. Experiment with Flavour. The simple addition of salt and butter to a warm cuppa bothy converts this culinary medium to a nourishing taste sensation and sheds light on making the impossible a reality. Try adding mixed dried herbs or wakame & miso. Our lastest fav flavour of turmeric, cumin, lemon juice, salt & butter was inspired by our recent involvement in the Paleoway Tour with Chef Pete Evans and Luke Hines.   
  7. Persist & Persevere.  Changes like this can take time. Lots of time. For us we are talking years! Incorporating new foods into our lifestyle is different for everyone and influenced by many factors. Children need to taste new foods at least ten times to acquire a taste for foods that were otherwise foreign to their palates. Don’t give up. 
  8. Make it a Ritual.  When you are ready, you may switch out your morning coffee to a ‘cuppa brothy’. The ritual around making a warm drink and sitting down to enjoy it, is valued and savoured by many. Believe it or not, we enjoy our ‘cuppa brothy’ as much or if not more than we used to enjoy our tea or coffee. 


We hope you enjoy your journey towards sharing a love for a ‘cuppa brothy’ with your family.