I’m Farmer

Hello. Welcome to Pinkfarm – your Real Food Culture. I am Tanya, affectionately known here as ‘Farmer’.


I live on a small farm in Far North Queensland on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. My great-grandparents, grandparents and parents are born and bred ‘farmers’ here. I feel a deep connection with the land and especially this place I call ‘home’; the place where I came to learn of the relationship between earth, food, family & body. These are my roots.


As a midwife & mother for 15 years, food and health have always been an integral part of my lifelong passions for birth, babies and nutrition. I give thanks to the men, women, babies, midwives and my own husband, children & family for all they have given to me. Without these people I would not have the deep understanding of what my heart yearns for and who “I am”. I love and I care for human life. I aspire for everyone to reach their potential in health and happiness.


I accept that I am responsible for my health and my children’s health. My choices reflect that. The knowledge and choices I have made along my journey have evolved and continue to evolve with inspiration from my family, my community and my inner passion for nourishing the body. My food journey will continue on this exciting adventure as I build on the knowledge and experience I have gained thus far.

My children are my inspiration to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle of which food choices are a major part. However, when I think back to where my interest in health and healing with food began, it goes way back to my childhood. My Aunty had Breast Cancer and I remember her eating all of these “different, healthy foods” which she had learnt to be healing for Cancer. I found that so interesting. I had never related food to health before, let alone curing an illness.

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Discovering the difference between ‘real’ food and ‘unreal’ food was the real beginning of my food journey. When I met my husband, I was intrigued at how he suffered with migraines all his life with no explanation other than ‘medication’. I questioned this. Was this right? Surely there was another answer to avoiding this debilitating problem. Inspired by our naturopath friend, we investigated the migraines further and found that if we eliminated certain foods, his migraines reduced in number and severity. The results were amazing. We soon learnt that what we ate, had a powerful effect on our body.


I embarked on another steep learning curve in my real food journey, when at the age of 23, I had a scare with pre-cancerous cells detected in my body. This scared me deeply. I was young. It was a high priority for me to be a mum in the future. This experience inspired me to find out more about food and what I could feed my body to discourage this abnormal cell growth again.

By the time I had my first child (14 years ago) I was dedicated to my family’s health and what we ate. I knew that food mattered and what I fed my children mattered. It mattered a lot. Since then, my food journey has been one of challenges, trials and growth as my family extended to 5 children with the youngest now 3 years old. I have gone forward, digressed and even turned a full circle at times.


In the past 5 years my food Journey has progressed exponentially as a result of sharing a reciprocal passion for nourishing foods with my lifelong friend Pinky, as we joined forces in motherhood for the 1st and 5th time. I give thanks to Pinky & D for being a part of my life and my journey with food, life and wellbeing. The creation of Pinkfarm has resulted from this journey of inspiration and the kindred spirit of two friends sharing a passion.  Pinkfarm will be a place to share experiences and knowledge, whilst believing in the body’s ability to heal, nourish and nurture with Real Food. Welcome to your Real Food Culture ~ Farmer