A Pinkfarm Fairytale

shutterstock_135194957The two girls crept slowly through the faded blue door that had intrigued them on their walk to school every day for ten years. The girls had been friends for ever and they had both always been fascinated by the rustic old shed with broken louvers sitting dormant with no sign of life or activity.  They walked into the damp musty building covered in cobwebs. The shed was cluttered with an eclectic mix of things. Tables and chairs, sofas, plates, pots and suitcases. The girls wandered around curiously, trying to imagine everything that had happened behind those closed doors for all those years.


 The girls were drawn to the pile of kitchen paraphernalia that was scattered on the old wooden table. Peering around the clutter, the bottom half of an old book with the word FARM caught their attention. They picked up the dusty book and swiped their hands over the cover. A swirl of pink gleamed back at them. The book was titled “Pinkfarm…unearthing the roots of nourishment’’.

The book piqued the girls’ curiosity. They slumped to the floor with the book between their laps and opened the front cover. The pages were brittle, discoloured and aged. Before they even began to read, the pages that were covered in spoon splatters, cup stains and markings spoke a thousand words. This book had its own character and story to tell.IMG_1097

Sinking into the depths of this book the girls were carried away with a revelation of traditions, food, family, friendships, kitchens, cups of tea, wooden spoons and nourishment. The stories of this book surrounded them with love, hope & inspiration. Entranced, the girls kept reading, exploring and navigating every page of the book.

Hours later they came to the last page of the book and there in front of them they read the most important lesson of their life…

“What we eat and feed our children matters. It matters a LOT.”

These words remained deep-rooted in their heads. The girls remained friends and after many years had passed, they both became mothers. At the essence of every meal that the mothers nourished their families with were the memories they had of the very book they had discovered together many years ago: Pinkfarm…unearthing the roots of nourishment.

Although this is a fairytale,  we do aspire for each and everyone of you to discover the traditions around food and nourishment for you and your family.  Explore your roots.  Learn more about your ancestors and their relationship with growing and preparing food.  Take this knowledge with you.  Practice, teach and model.  Let these traditions around food connect you with community.   Let’s re-ignite the Nourishing Traditions of Food.  REAL FOOD.