Pinkfarm Pate`


Child tested and adored…..Did I grow up eating livers? NO! Liverwurst? NO! Pate as an adult? NEVER! But I most definitely want this for my son so I have had to overcome my own issues with organ meats to ensure he can enjoy it…

Huevos Rancheros


Our Pinkfarm version of this Mexican meal makes the perfect Royal Breakfast.  Traditionally this Mexican meal is made using chillies, beans, fried eggs and tortillas.  In keeping things simple and making many meals from one we use Farmer’s Best Bolognaise as the base for our…

Strawberry & Cream Jellies


We love it when strawberries are in abundance. These jellies make a yummy and light after dinner treat. They are rich with gut healing grass fed gelatin as well as the probiotic goodness of kefir. We love to pair fruit with a fat to…

Smoky Chicken & Bacon


4 Secrets to Nutrient Dense, Nourishing & Delicious Food ~ meat, fat, bone & broth.  Any chef will back us up on the importance of cooking meat on the bone and the presence of fat to add depth of flavour to a meal. However, our taste…

Dots’ Chox


Looking for a new love? Well look no further. Here is the recipe for a promised treat and it ain’t ‘just’ a bliss ball. It’s a divine and delicious morsel to share and enjoy with another friend. Another ‘Dot’. Yes, that’s right, “Dot” is our…

A Pinkfarm Dandi-Cino

photo 1

Pinkfarm Dandi-cino’s & a little story about my short love affair with coffee!  In the last 15 years I have lived without caffeine in the form of tea & coffee.  This was mostly because in the last 15 years I was pregnant or breastfeeding…

Balsamic & Red Onion Ricotta Tart


This is a delicious savoury tart that is lovely eaten cold or warm. It makes a great lunchbox item or is the perfect addition to a picnic hamper. You can use any short crust pastry for the base. If using store bought pastry we…

Tahini Sesame Bars


This is a protein rich snack that makes a great lunchbox addition.  Works well for picnics and or travelling.  This recipe is Paleo friendly (grain, dairy & gluten free).  You can make it nut free by eliminating almonds and using more seeds.    …

Hazelnut Chunky Choc Cupcakes


Here is a special gluten, grain & dairy free cupcake that will impress at any social gathering.  Leftovers make an exciting lunchbox treat.    

Pensini Bean & Potato Salad


It wouldn’t be Xmas or the special family feast without a Bean & Potato Salad on the banquet. My grandmother migrated to Australia with her mother and sister when she was just 10 years old to reunite with their father who had moved to…