EMFs Should We Be Worried?


Mobile phones, ipads, wireless routers, laptops, baby monitors, digital clocks, microwave ovens, induction stove tops… and the list goes on. We are surrounded by radiation. In denial about that? We must say, we were, we are… still are?

Each year we attend the MINDD Foundation Conference. MINDD stands for Metabolic- Immunologic- Neurologic- Digestive- Disorders and works with children with conditions like Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, Depression, Learning and Language Delays and can give real hope for them as they work with Integrative Health Care Practitioners that focus on the whole child. At the May 2013 conference I heard some amazing lectures on immuno-brain-gut connection I also listened to speakers talking about other toxins in our environment.


Nicole Bijlsma a naturopath, acupuncturist and Building Biologist (home audits and testing of EMF’s, dust, mould, and other toxins) spoke about the real concerns we should have about electromagnetic fields in our environment. After 10 miscarriages she came to learn that she had been sleeping next to a meter box, which emits an extremely high EMF.

The two most astonishing things I learnt from Nicole’s lecture were:

1.  There is glaring evidence (25 000+ articles) showing the connection between man-made electromagnetic fields and ill health in humans.

2.  Australia’s exposure standards (compared to countries like France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia) are 100 to 1 000 000 times GREATER than what is permitted in those European countries! Why do we allow this? Are we Guinea Pigs?

We had both been alerted to the dangers of EMF’s prior to now, via inspiring talks from Don Chisolm and other sources. Neither of us have microwaves nor induction cook tops, and Farmer recently made the switch from a cordless phone to an old fashioned corded phone. However, convenience has seen us use our mobiles to talk more than ever, especially since launching Pinkfarm. Why do we keep doing this even with the awareness we have about EMF’s?

Sometimes it just takes hearing about things more than once to change habits and these changes, like everything else need to happen in small steps.

Here are 10 tips we have learnt about ways you can work towards reducing your EMF exposure:

1) When using mobiles phones hold at a distance of at least 30cm and use speaker phone

2) Use a Moshi hand piece wherever possible

3) Avoid having mobile phones in the bedroom, especially when it’s used as an alarm clock as when this is set it emits more EMF’s

4) Don’t use the mobile in the car, bus or train as the metal carriage causes the frequency to bounce around and cause hot spots of exposure (think microwave).

5) Remove cordless phones from the bedroom. These emit signals even when not in use. Keep the base away from bedrooms as well.

6) If using I-pad or I-phone Apps for the kids, download the App and set the phone to Aeroplane mode to stop the signal. 

7) Sleep as far away from a Wi-Fi router as possible. Check other sides of walls as the EMF’s pass through walls. Turn Wi-Fi off or use cables instead.

8. Check that your bed and children’s bed is not on a wall next to a fridge, microwave, stove, washer/dryer or meter box.

9) Digital clocks send out an alarmingly high EMF (they did the test in the lecture). Use an old fashioned wind up alarm clock instead or place digital at the foot of your bed.

10) Remove baby monitors from your baby’s room. These are one of the highest emitters of EMF. They use the same frequency as mobile and cordless phones.IMG_2256