Pensini Family Fritole’


What is Fritole`? Fritole` as my italian ancestory new it were a savoury pancake made from whole buckwheat flour and cheese. I remember my Nan cooking them.  My Nan taught my Mum to make them and my Mum taught me!  Unfortunately I do not…

D’s 1st Birthday

d first birthday dog cake

Birthdays are a very special time. I have found that party planning and preparations are a way to reflect and remember the beautiful day that our children come to join us. D’s first birthday was particularly sentimental. Being my first and only child I was dedicated…

T’s 8th Birthday


Event:  T turned 8 this year and was longing to have a big birthday party and to invite many of his school friends.  This was his very first big party with both friends and family.   Theme:  T decided on an army party.  Children…

Raspberry Iceblocks



What is it? Maca, a tuber plant native to Peru grows in the high glacial peaks of the Andes. Maca has a long history dating back to 3600BC. The Peruvians cultivated the root and used it for a wide range of nutritional and medicinal…

H.A.N.D. – Heal And Nourish Deeply

Hands are beautiful things. They are the most fascinating, revealing, and expressive part of our body. Hands are so special & unique. They are a reflection of the unique stories of one’s life. They touch, create, comfort, protect, and nourish. We emphasised the importance…

Healthy Recipes