Cultured Community

Pinkfarm believes fermented foods and beverages are gifts from nature that should be shared with love and gratitude amongst our community. Colonising our gut with good bacteria is the essence of health, wellness and vitality.  We strongly believe that having access to these probiotics is essential to heal and prevent sickness and disease in our families and community.  Good gut health is the key to strong immunity and cognitive function. We have created a Cultured Community to help make this happen.

A database of contacts has been created listing people who have milk kefir grains, water kefir grains, kombucha SCOBYs, Sourdough starters and other cultures. These live foods are difficult to ship so it is best if people can access them from others in their local area. However, if you cannot find anyone near you, we have a list of commercial suppliers who you can purchase cultures from. 

Code of Ethics

Right to Confidentiality

All contact information added to Pinkfarm’s Cultured Community Australia (PCCA) database will be made public via Pinkfarm’s website.  This information is for the sole purpose of gaining access to cultures.

Right to Respect

Negotiations for accessing the cultures from PCCA can be made directly with the person who has them available in your area.  Respect for people’s time and ability to make these grains accessible is essential.

Right to supply without obligation

The person supplying cultures through this database has no obligation to provide instructions on how to use these cultures.  If you should need information or instruction on using these cultures please contact Pinkfarm.

Right to Consume at Own Risk

Cultured foods are a medium for providing live bacteria in the gut.  Bodily reactions to these foods may vary resulting in detoxification symptoms such as rashes, bloating and diarrhoea.  In consuming these foods you do so at your own risk and Pinkfarm and the members of PCCA are not liable should any unwanted reactions occur.

Cultures for Collection

Can’t Find any Cultures Near You?

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