Activated Nut Butter


Homemade nut butters are a handy condiment to have on hand for a protein and fat filled snack with celery, seed crackers or paleo or sourdough breads.  They also serve well in certain recipes for cookies and breads such as these Coconut Roughs.  Whilst…

Budget Fritters


Many of us can relate to the importance of feeding our families real foods but at the same time we all know that this requires some careful budgeting and ways to make the most of every last skeric of food; leaving nothing to waste,…

Making Lard or Tallow


The old fashioned cooking fats are back!  Remember that pot of fat that Great Grandma had sitting by her stove?  Remember the spoonfuls of fat she would ladle  into the frypan or smother over roast veggies?  Our ancestors had it right.  Not only did…

Coconut Roughs

No bake cookies 2

Coconut Chicken Soup

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 1.32.09 pm

This is an easy and nourishing meal that provides a abundance of healthy fats. With a few staples on hand, like chicken broth, coconut cream and some veggies this meal can be put together very fast and the best thing is it can feed little crew….

Essential Avo Dip


It almost seems silly to write this as a recipe as it is so simple, but it is such a staple accompaniment to many and any meals or it can be a great snack with veggie sticks or crackers.  Everything tastes good with Avo!…

Hollandaise Sauce


Hollandaise sauce is the perfect way to give your meals a boost of healthy fats.  An emulsion of eggs and butter using lemon juice, hollandaise sauce is said to have originated in the 1700’s in Holland.  One good reason to own a thermo-mix is…

Butter Sweet Butter Drops


Why we feed our kids butter?  I was horrified the first time my Grandad tried to feed my 4 month old baby butter dipped in sugar off a teaspoon! This was an age old tradition he had created with his 9 children, 36 grandchildren…

Macadamia Mayonnaise


Store bought mayonnaise is a trap for refined oils, refined sugar and added colours and flavours. Homemade mayo is easy to make and more often than not you would have the ingredients on hand to do so. Once you have succeeded with homemade mayo…



Glorious Golden ghee. Culinary Liquid Gold. Pure butterfat. Ghee is a must for every kitchen.  Ghee is one of our favourite saturated fats. It has been widely used in South Asian cooking and Ayurvedic Traditions.  Ghee is simply clarified butter.  It is often a great…