Activated Nut Butter


Homemade nut butters are a handy condiment to have on hand for a protein and fat filled snack with celery, seed crackers or paleo or sourdough breads.  They also serve well in certain recipes for cookies and breads such as these Coconut Roughs.  Whilst we should be wary of ‘overloading’ on nuts when we cut back or cut out grains from our diet, homemade nut butters are an assured way of getting more bang for your buck.  Chris Kresser explains more about eating nuts in sensible proportions here.  

Making your own at home means you can use activated nuts which improves nutrient content and digestibility.  Our fave choices of nuts are macadamias and almonds.  Read here to learn more about the hows and why’s of activating nuts.  Commercial nut butters, are likely subjected to added salt, sugar and high heat during processing and packaging.  Nuts are not stable fats when subjected to high heats and can go rancid when stored on the shelf for long periods.  Making your own avoids both of these issues.  Why not peanut butter?  Firstly, peanuts are not a nut they are a legume.  They pose some health concerns, including high levels of aflatoxins,agglutinin and extremely high omega 6 fatty acid ratios.  Mark’s Daily Apple has written an excellent article detailing the pro’s and con’s of peanut butter here.  

Activated Nut Butter
Our fave nuts for nut butter are an almond and macadamia combo with the addition of some coconut oil to make an extra nutty and buttery spread.
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  1. 300g activated almonds
  2. 200g activated macadamias
  3. 2 tbls of coconut oil
  1. Blend nuts in food processor until forms a paste.
  2. Add coconut oil and blend a little longer until paste is smooth.
  3. Store in jar in fridge.
  1. Serve nut butter on celery sticks or your fave seed crackers, paleo or sourdough bread.
  2. You can adjust nut ratios according to taste and your budget.