Sticky Maple Vanilla Cupcakes

Often the words gluten free, grain free, dairy free, gaps friendly, sugarfree & paleo may falsely lead you to thinking ‘complicated’?  Well, not this one friends.  This is all of the above, as well as SIMPLE, STICKY, SWEET and DELICIOUS, combining two of our…

Pinkfarm Quickie


  This fritatta is a versatile, quick & easy weekly staple to keep on hand in the fridge.  It is an excellent nutrient dense, protein rich snack or meal to go; suitable for feeding hungry teens, fueling athletes or satisfying those kids & parents…

Paleo Choc-Banana Cupcakes or Loaf


We are so excited to be sharing this new recipe. We’ve recipe tested it for a while and believe it’s a winner… Paleo, Nut-free Choc-banana cupcakes. Dense.  Moist. Chocolate rich & delicious. This recipe works well as 12 cupcakes or a small loaf.  Top with…

Activated Nut Butter


Homemade nut butters are a handy condiment to have on hand for a protein and fat filled snack with celery, seed crackers or paleo or sourdough breads.  They also serve well in certain recipes for cookies and breads such as these Coconut Roughs.  Whilst…

Budget Fritters


Many of us can relate to the importance of feeding our families real foods but at the same time we all know that this requires some careful budgeting and ways to make the most of every last skeric of food; leaving nothing to waste,…

Little Ginger Heads


Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the ginger headed man!  Baby number 5 of 5 was born with red hair and this is how we read him his fave story about the Gingerbread man.  So, a bit of…

Making Lard or Tallow


The old fashioned cooking fats are back!  Remember that pot of fat that Great Grandma had sitting by her stove?  Remember the spoonfuls of fat she would ladle  into the frypan or smother over roast veggies?  Our ancestors had it right.  Not only did…

Boosted Burgers


Who doesn’t love a good old iconic Aussie burger or beef patty?  We do!  Although we have our old time fave foods we are always trying to improve the nutrient density and them by applying our knowledge of traditional foods, so we find ourselves…

Coconut Roughs

No bake cookies 2

Chocolate Buckwheat Bites