B’s 3rd Birthday


My baby turned 3 this year.  The exciting thing about them getting older is that they have more understanding of their birthdays and can really share in the excitement of this special day.  Again we had special cousins, siblings, Granny’s and Aunts come to…

B’s 2nd Birthday


My youngest son’s 2nd birthday was celebrated with his cousins and siblings.  He had a teddy bear cake which turned out to be a little on the skinny side for a bear!  Our same favourite cake has been used here; Ni’s Million Dollar cake,…

T’s 8th Birthday


Event:  T turned 8 this year and was longing to have a big birthday party and to invite many of his school friends.  This was his very first big party with both friends and family.   Theme:  T decided on an army party.  Children…

B’s 1st birthday


Once again, the go to birthday cake is Ni’s Million Dollar cake.  Covered in a thin spread of jam and whipped cream, then topped with sliced strawberries and shaved chocolate. 

T’s 1st Birthday


Ni’s Million Dollar cake is without a doubt the best cake to turn to for birthdays.  With added berries it is pretty just as it is.  For my son’s 1st birthday we imbedded a collage of photos from his 1st year onto the cake…