B’s 3rd Birthday


My baby turned 3 this year.  The exciting thing about them getting older is that they have more understanding of their birthdays and can really share in the excitement of this special day.  Again we had special cousins, siblings, Granny’s and Aunts come to celebrate.

We had Seedy Biscuits with cheese and tomatoIMG_2113

Butter buttons ~ cinnamon and chocolate flavouredIMG_2127

Citrus Jellies ~ coloured with hoppers colouringIMG_2095

Sourdough Ham & Pineapple PizzasIMG_2132

and last but not least a MOON cake!  Again this cake was Ni’s Million Dollar cake covered in jam and whipped cream.  The cream was coloured with hoppers sprinkles and coloured desiccated coconut and liquorice for detail.  IMG_2114Blaize had loads of fun playing with his siblings and cousins.IMG_2138