Pasture Fed Animal Fat


Fat or Famine…..We choose pasture fed animal FAT!  Aside from making food taste great and the sensual pleasures of butter and cream, there are many unsung benefits of animal fats.  “The popular fable, in which saturated fats are the villain, is mistaken…..saturated fats fight infections, aid digestion, and extend the use of the critically important omega-3 fats.  Without saturated fats, the body cannot absorb calcium or build cell walls”  (Nina Planck 2006).

If saturated fats like tallow (rendered beef fat) cause heart disease, then why is it that heart disease is an epidemic today?  Most people wouldn’t even know what tallow is, let alone eat it?  Encouragement by government bodies to ditch saturated fats for highly refined polyunsaturated seed and vegetable oils has been detrimental.  Not only are these highly refined oils toxic, heating them causes oxidation which breeds free radicals that damage cells, tissues and organs in the body.  The basis of many diseases.


The thought of eating “animal fat” used to make my spine quiver!  Government authorities and the media did a great job of convincing people like ourselves about the unnecessary evil of animal fats, persuading us to believe that toxic, factory made vegetable oils were superior!

The idea of dripping on bread as told by my parents and grandparents was nothing but a mere distant memory that now holds significant meaning to “real” food today.  The wilful rewriting of dietary history excluding ‘fats‘ has been misleading and harmful to our health.

Animal fats were considered dangerous by the middle of the 20th century, around the same time farm animals, particularly beef cattle were being fed grain to “fatten” them up!  Once again we had moved away from raising animals in a natural habitat and fed them foods that were not a part of their ‘natural’ diet.


Saturated fats are heat stable which mean they don’t oxidise like vegetable oils do when heated. Oxidised fats are highly toxic to our bodies.

The nutritional quality of meat and fat is directly related to the way in which that animal is raised. It is imperative that we consume meat/fat that is raised on organic green pastures as it:

• contains powerful immune boosters
• contains steric acid that lowers LDL
• is essential for fertility
• is essential for digestion
• has high amounts of CLA – powerful anti-cancer anti-oxidant.
• contains significantly higher amounts of Omega 3 fats.
• increased the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K.