Pensini Family Fritole’


What is Fritole`? Fritole` as my italian ancestory new it were a savoury pancake made from whole buckwheat flour and cheese. I remember my Nan cooking them.  My Nan taught my Mum to make them and my Mum taught me!  Unfortunately I do not…

Huevos Rancheros


Our Pinkfarm version of this Mexican meal makes the perfect Royal Breakfast.  Traditionally this Mexican meal is made using chillies, beans, fried eggs and tortillas.  In keeping things simple and making many meals from one we use Farmer’s Best Bolognaise as the base for our…

Mango & Cashew Chicken Curry

Chicken & Mango Curry

Curry.  Warming in winter and refreshing in the spring and summer for a Royal Breakfast.  This is our fave chicken curry recipe and is adored by many.  It is based on a recipe from Jude Blereau’s book, Wholefood for the Family.  With the addition…

Raspberry Vanilla Patty Cakes


These patty cakes are very reminiscent of the old fashioned patty cakes that we remember our Mum’s taking to afternoon tea parties, coated with icing.  We have created them as a nut free, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free version to serve…

Beef Bourguignon Pie

Beef Bourguignon Pie

  Delicious in the winter months this is a hearty and delicious beef pie. It uses topside or chuck, a more economical cut of meat and when stewed beforehand makes a mouth watering tender pie.

Almond Jam Drops


These are a “Traditional Foodie” version of an old time favourite biscuit. Mum always had a jar of Jam Drops sitting on the shelf along with Cornflake and Anzac biscuits. The Jam Drops were always my favourite. I especially loved eating the sticky, chewy…