Sticky Maple Vanilla Cupcakes

Often the words gluten free, grain free, dairy free, gaps friendly, sugarfree & paleo may falsely lead you to thinking ‘complicated’?  Well, not this one friends.  This is all of the above, as well as SIMPLE, STICKY, SWEET and DELICIOUS, combining two of our…

Paleo Choc-Banana Cupcakes or Loaf


We are so excited to be sharing this new recipe. We’ve recipe tested it for a while and believe it’s a winner… Paleo, Nut-free Choc-banana cupcakes. Dense.  Moist. Chocolate rich & delicious. This recipe works well as 12 cupcakes or a small loaf.  Top with…

Little Ginger Heads


Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the ginger headed man!  Baby number 5 of 5 was born with red hair and this is how we read him his fave story about the Gingerbread man.  So, a bit of…

Coconut Roughs

No bake cookies 2

Chocolate Buckwheat Bites


Adaptable Apple Crumble


Originally inspired by Sally Fallon’s Apple Cobbler from Nourishing Traditions, this traditional ‘oldie’ is really a ‘goodie’.  Not often we have  dessert but if we do have this on a special occasion leftovers are a must. Rich with healthy fats and proteins it is…



Here is a special dessert we have promised you a long time ago!  When you have had enough of banana cakes or banana boats why not try a Bananaroon?  These little treats were invented by Farmer’s eldest; a hungry, 192cm, 14 y.o. cyclist.  This…

Decadent Night Delights!

decadent brownie 2

Pinky told me about a yummy brownie she had made and wanted to share but couldn’t get a nice picture of it.  I was trying to give her ideas about how to get a good picture but it seems she wasn’t quite game enough…

Choc Creamy Dreamies

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 9.59.01 pm

 How very excited we were when we invented this recipe.  A smooth jelly texture, a milky chocolate feel and the healthful flavour of fat from coconut cream.  A simple treat providing the added benefits of gelatin.  You will please many people with this special…

Butter Sweet Butter Drops


Why we feed our kids butter?  I was horrified the first time my Grandad tried to feed my 4 month old baby butter dipped in sugar off a teaspoon! This was an age old tradition he had created with his 9 children, 36 grandchildren…