Strawberry & Cream Jellies


We love it when strawberries are in abundance. These jellies make a yummy and light after dinner treat. They are rich with gut healing grass fed gelatin as well as the probiotic goodness of kefir. We love to pair fruit with a fat to…

Dots’ Chox


Looking for a new love? Well look no further. Here is the recipe for a promised treat and it ain’t ‘just’ a bliss ball. It’s a divine and delicious morsel to share and enjoy with another friend. Another ‘Dot’. Yes, that’s right, “Dot” is our…

Tahini Sesame Bars


This is a protein rich snack that makes a great lunchbox addition.  Works well for picnics and or travelling.  This recipe is Paleo friendly (grain, dairy & gluten free).  You can make it nut free by eliminating almonds and using more seeds.    …

Hazelnut Chunky Choc Cupcakes


Here is a special gluten, grain & dairy free cupcake that will impress at any social gathering.  Leftovers make an exciting lunchbox treat.    

Apple, Rosemary & Olive Oil Pudding


Here is a beautiful dessert for you to make for any special occasion. This is an old family favorite adapted from an original recipe of Maggie Beer’s.   We have replaced the sponge cake part of her recipe with our Raspberry cupcake batter, to make…

Ni’s Million Dollar Cake


I am honoured to share this recipe that was given to me by a very special, inspiring friend Ni. This cake has a place in everyone’s home and has become very famous amongst our friends far and wide. It is really an Almond &…

Super Seedy Carob Fudge


Don’t you love it when you re-discover old favourites after some time of not making them?  When I found this recipe and made it for my children, the older ones were quick to say “this reminds us of when we were little”.  Don’t get…

Mulberry Jelly Pie


This is a special seasonal treat.  I am sure many of you have fond memories of hanging around the heavily fruiting mulberry tree eating as many mulberries as you possibly can.  I have memories of Mum asking us to pick mulberries to make a…

Raspberry Vanilla Patty Cakes


These patty cakes are very reminiscent of the old fashioned patty cakes that we remember our Mum’s taking to afternoon tea parties, coated with icing.  We have created them as a nut free, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free version to serve…

Caramel Choc Nut Clusters


Loving Earth Chocolate is our choice of chocolate for special occasions.  These simple treats are easy to make, but very impressive.  A great xmas treat or gift idea.