Coconut Chicken Soup

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This is an easy and nourishing meal that provides a abundance of healthy fats. With a few staples on hand, like chicken broth, coconut cream and some veggies this meal can be put together very fast and the best thing is it can feed little crew….

Thai Chicken Stacks

Thai Chicken stacks 2

If you are looking for an easy way to take care of a Royal Breakfast and provide for a nutrient dense lunch in one go then this recipe is for you.  Our new Thai Chicken Stacks will do the trick. Served over a bed…

Chicken Bone Broth


A South American proverb states that, “a good bone broth would resurrect the dead” and we have always heard of chicken soup being “the cure all for many ills”.  Broth is one of the simplest, in-expensive items that are the backbone to any traditional kitchen….

Smoky Chicken & Bacon


4 Secrets to Nutrient Dense, Nourishing & Delicious Food ~ meat, fat, bone & broth.  Any chef will back us up on the importance of cooking meat on the bone and the presence of fat to add depth of flavour to a meal. However, our taste…

Chicken & Ham Rissoles in Onion Gravy

chicken & ham rissoles

These rissoles were one of those creations where everything got thrown in a bowl & surprisingly resulted in a taste sensation. Add a bone broth gravy and you have a nutrient dense meal that the family will love. They are even great cold without the…

Mango & Cashew Chicken Curry

Chicken & Mango Curry

Curry.  Warming in winter and refreshing in the spring and summer for a Royal Breakfast.  This is our fave chicken curry recipe and is adored by many.  It is based on a recipe from Jude Blereau’s book, Wholefood for the Family.  With the addition…

Granny’s Old Fashioned Chicken Soup


A lovely aroma greeted me at the door as I popped in to visit one of my Aunts some time ago. This was an aroma that soothed my soul and took me back to the comfort of my childhood. The aroma drifting from my…