Essential Avo Dip


It almost seems silly to write this as a recipe as it is so simple, but it is such a staple accompaniment to many and any meals or it can be a great snack with veggie sticks or crackers.  Everything tastes good with Avo! Alright, almost everything. We are so grateful that all of our children love avocado.  It is such a great food for children from the age they are ready to start eating.  


Essential Avo Dip
This versatile dip is a great way of boosting healthy fats with any of your meals. It is also a nourishing dip to serve with crackers or veggie sticks. A great one for your children to make them selves.
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  1. 4-6 Ripe Avocadoes
  2. 1/4 tsp sea salt
  3. Juice of half a lime
  1. Scrape Avocado into a bowl
  2. Add salt and lime
  3. Mashed with potato masher and mix until creamy.
  1. Adjust salt and lime to taste.