Rice Crackers

pantry pick crackers
Rice crackers are an easy snack to have in the pantry. We try not to make them a staple as we don’t believe they add any nutritional value to our diets, however, they are a GREAT vehicle to deliver other wholesome foods. Liver pate, hummus and avocado dip are great with crackers if veggie sticks aren’t working!

We only buy the Eat Rite Tamari Seaweed Brown Rice Cracker as we have found it to be the only rice cracker with minimal ingredients (just brown rice, soy sauce and seaweed) and is free from gluten, sugar, colours and preservatives.

We have experiemented with making our own crackers but aren’t doing this regularly so like to have these available for backup.

Where do we get them?

These crackers can be found in most big supermarkets. Woollies stocks them in their health food section and you can often get them on special.