Real Food Cherry Ripe


Farmer invented the Real Food Bounty Bar so it was only fair I needed to come up with a different variety. I loved cherry ripe growing up so decided to use my last batch of Loving Earth sour cherries to create a cherry ripe….

Real Food Bounty Bars


I don’t eat refined sugar….but if I had to say what “was” my favourite all time chocolate bar, without hesitation it ‘was’ a Bounty bar! I have always been a lover of anything coconut, but not mad about large amounts of chocolate. For me…

Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cakes


There is nothing quite like a “tea cake” to conjure up a picture of ladies in floral dresses sipping tea from bone china cups with a slice of apple tea cake on the side!  This is another variation of our Raspberry Vanilla Patty Cakes….

Ideas for Refined-sugar FREE Birthday Parties

D's cake

 Planning a refined sugar free birthday party doesn’t have to mean free of fun. There can be plenty of sweet treats but nothing full of refined sugar or artificial colours and preservatives.. and no meltdowns!  This was D’s 1st birthday party and was held at a…