Real Food

Real food deserves a real future.  It is the key to health & longevity. Food is any nutritional substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life & growth.   IMG_4451

Eating Real Food in a Fake Food World has become a challenge that may seem impossible to many. Even those of us who have been known to be conscious, healthy eaters have fallen by the wayside of ‘fake food’. IMG_7281

Traditions have been lost & food has become industrialised and processed into commodities that we still identify as ‘food’.  When in actual fact it is not food at all.  Many of the ‘food like substances’ that fuel our bodies today are not nutritious & are not absorbed well by our bodies.  These ‘food like substances’ are toxic to the body, inhibiting healthy bodily function and causing disease.


The current healthy eating guidelines and ‘ticks’ of approval are not cutting it.  With skyrocketing rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, learning disorders, cancer and numerous auto-immune diseases, it is essential that we analyse what we are putting into our bodies and more importantly our children’s bodies.   We now have a nation of over weight, diseased, malnourished people in the developing world. Yet we have an abundance of ‘food’.


Whilst many of these problems may be influenced by lifestyle and environmental factors, the food that we attempt to fuel our bodies with is the first port of call.  Without the right fuel and without clean fuel our bodies will not run well.  

After all, what we eat and feed our children matters.  It matters a LOT! IMG_2496

What is REAL FOOD ?

  • Real food comes from NATURE; is unprocessed or minimally processed.
  • Real food is FRESH & SEASONAL
  • Real Food ROTS
  • Real food NOURISHES the body & mind
  • Real food HEALS
  • Real food is something you PRIORITISE & PREPARE
  • Real food CONNECTS us with our ANCESTRY; it is food that our great great  grandparents would recognise.

 DESIREE 13 weeks Sept 2009 022