Grass-fed Meat & Poultry

Quality sources of protein from animals raised on open green pastures is an essential and important component of a Traditional Foods diet. However sourcing meat and poultry products of this quality can be a difficult task. Meat is an expensive commodity for a growing family but not all meat is created equal when it comes to nutritional benefit.


 The nutritional quality of meat and fat is directly related to the way in which that animal is raised. It is imperative that we consume meat/fat that is raised on organic green pastures as it:

  • contains powerful immune boosters
  •  contains steric acid that lowers LDL
  •  is essential for fertility
  •  is essential for digestion
  • has high amounts of CLA – powerful anti-cancer anti-oxidant
  • contains significantly higher amounts of Omega 3 fats
  • increased the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K

 Although our budgets dictate what meat is affordable, it is important to place priority on organic, pasture raised meat and poultry products.

When animals are exposed to toxic elements, a majority of these fat soluble chemicals will accumulate in the fat. “Since vegetables are naturally low in fat, when you buy organic vegetables, you are only avoiding a little bit of poison. When you buy organic meat, especially the fatty cuts, you’re avoiding a lot” (Shanahan, 2009).

Either way, it is essential that we eat animals raised on open green pastures, be it organic or not. When sourcing meat and poultry for your family, think traditional. Think natural. Think the way nature intended it to be. Open green pastures and fresh air. Animals (such as cows, sheep, chickens & goats) do not belong in the confines of barns, concrete pens and grain based diets.  


It is well understood that the nutrient profile of animals raised on open green pastures have by far better nutrient density and fatty acid ratios suited to human health requirements. Pasture raised meat, poultry and eggs have an ideal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats. It is also higher in vitamin A and E, antioxidants, and a special Omega 6 fatty acid that behaves like omega 3, known as CLA. CLA is know for its cancer fighting powers and its ability to build lean muscle.

When choosing meat and poultry for your family, consider using cheaper cuts such as lamb necks, shin meat, beef bones and mince to create delicious, nutrient dense, tasty food. Soups made on bone broths and slow cooked stews and casseroles are an ideal option for creating affordable meals with quality, organic pasture fed meats.IMG_6749

Everyone prioritises their food budget differently but here is a simple guide to choosing meat:

1.  First choice- certified organic, pasture fed.

2.  Second choice- pasture fed, organic raised meat and poultry.

3.  Third choice- avoid any animal product from animals raised in feedlots and barn on a grain based diet.