Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen. It comes from the bones, marrow and connective tissue of animals (usually cows or pigs). It is a complete protein and is high in the anti-inflammatory amino acid glycine. Gelatin supports digestion, is fabulous for hair and nail growth, can aid in sleep, is amazing for joint and bone health, can help tighten loose skin and the list goes on. It is essential to source gelatin from GRASS-FED animals. The only brands we have found that ensure this are Bernard Jensen and Great Lakes. Both are also free from MSG.

What do we do with it?

The Beef Gelatin we source is used in all of our jelly, mousse and marshmallow recipes. It dissolves in hot liquids and gels to give that classic jelly texture with all the nutritional benefits. Great Lakes also do a Collogen Hydrolysate, which does not gel but rather can be added to warm or cold beverages.

Great Lakes also makes another non jelling version that is perfect to add to hot drinks or smoothies. It comes in a green container and dissolves in warm liquid and does not gel.

Where do we get it?

 Great Lakes Gelatin is available from many places online.