We love using natural sweeteners on special occasions, especially raw honey. So, what’s the difference between raw honey and any old honey you can buy at Woollies? Is it worth making the switch to raw? It sure is.

Raw honey has NOT been pasteurised, heated or processed. It still contains all the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make it a perfect sweetener. Honey you find on the supermarket shelf has been pasteurised killing off all the beneficial nutrients and leaving you with nothing but refined sugar.

Raw honey is alkaline forming, has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties and contains amylase, a plant enzyme from the pollen of flowers. This enzyme helps to break down carbohydrates. So a piece of bread, butter and honey actually makes sense! The raw honey’s enzymes start pre-digestion. You could also add honey to soaked grains and when added to your baking this will also assist pre-digestion. If possible let your bread, or batter sit for about 15 minutes so the enzymes can do their work.