Salt gets a bad press but salt aint salt, so know your salt! Use the right salt and don’t be afraid to use it liberally!

Table salt is a highly processed product that has been stripped of its minerals, with iodine added back as well as dextrose as a stabiliser and a bleaching agent to make it white. The mainstream hype about ‘salt’ being ‘bad’ for you is warranted and very valid if you are talking about the common table salt that is the same stuff added to most packaged foods as well. Table salt has been shown to strain your heart and blood pressure and increase your risk of brittle bones and other ailments.

However, “Real” salt, be it Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt can promote healing, health and longevity. Modern salt is NOT salt.

HIMALAYAN SALT is pink in colour, and is an ancient pure salt consisting of a matrix of minerals. It is by far the purest salt on earth, apparently uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants. The health benefits of this salt are plentiful, including promotion of a healthy ph balance in your cells, and promotion of respiratory and sinus health as well as vascular health and bone strength.

A good quality SEA SALT is sun dried and contains many micro-scopic amounts of sea life. Therefore it has high levels of natural iodine. The large mineral content is indicated by the fact that the sea salt is moist and a slightly grey colour. Sea salt has a stronger flavour and therefore you may require less of it.

We buy our salt in bulk through co-ops and we alternate between Sea Salt and Himalayan salt to ensure we are getting the best of both worlds in terms of minerals and health benefits.