Fire for the Real Food Movement


Just when you think you have found your real passion in life, you discover another, and another. How is this so? We’ve learnt that it takes stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your beliefs and shouting it across the rooftops. The beginning of our Pinkfarm Facebook page was just that. Putting ourselves in the face of the public eye was stepping out of our comfort zone. We embraced our belief in the power of food as fuel for our bodies and sharing our knowledge, journey and experiences with people across the globe is shouting it across the rooftops!

With open arms we have shared some of the intimate moments of our lives and shone a light through the walls of our homes, including: what we have for breakfast daily; what we like to do; our birth choices; who our children are; why we do what we do; our love and respect for animals; our addictions and addictions we have overcome; health issues we have conquered; the fact that we call each other “Dot”……and most of all, our passion for eating for health and happiness.  All of this has lead us to this remarkable milestone of launching our long awaited website. Pinkfarm~your real food culture.


Two years ago, neither of us had this vision. We have followed our hearts and our hearts have led us to the creation of a community we never dreamt of existing. A community of supportive, passionate, interested, motivated and inspiring people. A community that can change the world!

Our children have been the driving force behind all of this. Our children really are our teachers. Without our children we would never have discovered all that we know about ourselves. Just over three years ago our lives were simultaneously challenged by the appearance of mysterious skin and respiratory issues in our young sons, which lead us to the discovery of ‘gut health’ on a microbial level and the massive influence it has on our health (read more about this here).  We are thankful to our friends and family who in many ways have challenged, inspired, encouraged and supported us on this journey. 


At our 20th high school reunion, we shared our stories (read Pinky’s story here and Farmer’s story here), over cups of tea with our high school besties. We were encouraged by our friends to start a blog as a space to share these experiences, challenges, awakenings and lifestyle changes. Six months later, there was no blog, but we opted for a Facebook page. After sharing our stories and discoveries on facebook for just over a month, we were asked by Care Chiropractic Queensland to run our very first workshop titled ‘Food for Thought.’

After this event momentum was building and we grew to do more workshops which connected us with the reality of what we were sharing on facebook. This journey has been like meandering down a river, not knowing what course we were taking, but thoroughly enjoying and embracing the twists, turns and rapids that were coming our way. We birthed Pinkfarm’s Cultured Community Australia, the first database of its sort; we built and shared our concept of the Pinkfarm Royal Breakfasts; we branded our Pinkfarm lunches with Planetboxes and we have developed numerous workshops that have provided the opportunity to be with our community, creating a real food culture.IMG_2658

With much gratitude, joy and excitement we proudly announce the official launch of our website and blog; Pinkfarm – your real food culture. Our passions have ignited the fire in us to contribute to the real food movement. We welcome you to join this community and together we can keep the fire burning stronger and brighter, bringing more awareness and acceptance of the importance of food and its ability to heal and nourish.

After all, with knowledge comes awareness and with awareness comes change.

Let’s build a brighter future for everyone! 

30 Comments on “Fire for the Real Food Movement

  1. Wow! The website looks incredible! And such a wonderful nourishing resource! Thanks so much for sharing all your wisdom!

  2. Congratulations, you two are on a roll and we are enjoying going along for the ride.

  3. Yay!!! I’m so happy for you guys, I know it’s going to be awesome!! We must get together for a celebratory kefir sometime! 😀 xxx

  4. Congratualtions, Amanda and Tan. A huge effort. Looks great! Nicky x

  5. Congratulations!! I look forward to reading more on your website. So exciting!

  6. Wow!! You guys are amazing, talk about inspiring… I just am so thankful to have met you at my daughters kindy last year farmer!! I was trying to navigate by way through the food maize and was feeling like abit of a crazy person who was heading in the opposite direction to nearly everyone I knew…then I met you and I knew I was heading for the way out of that maize! Out of the misguided food maize… You gave me the reassurance I needed, and I’m so very grateful to you for that!! Also for all the awesome recipe’s along the way.. It’s been wonderful seeing Pinkfarm unfold and what a great service to our community/country it is!! It’s all round fantastic from the personal insight and scientific knowledge of food, along with creative and inspiring literature, delish recipes and lovely photographs!! Looking forwards to following the Pinkfarm journey and being a part of the movement of heath consciousness that is upon us…Xxx

    • Thank-you for those kinds words and for sharing with us your inspiration that you have received from our page. I Would love to know who I am talking to here though! Can i have a hint!

      • I should really proof read before I send..I managed to spell my own name wrong:-)

        • I didnt even think of it being you. Thank-you Sweety. You have been so supportive.

  7. Great inspiration and connecting of communities. We love the real food culture you are helping to grow.

    Congratulations ……
    PS can everyone do a rain dance for all the local farmers that are hanging out for rain.

  8. Congratulations girls!!

    I’ve followed you from the start, you have been my inspiration that started me on my real food journey 2 years ago. Thank you for the inspiration and knowledge! Congratulations for your hard work being shown on such a fabulous forum. Good luck foe everything in the future and to your families.

    Zoe Xoxo

  9. Love the new site, particularly the Cultured Community. As a slightly mad, ageing farming type old f..t who loves healthy eating, cooking and preserving I can see I will be spending many hours here in future. Congratulations and well done.