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We have often discussed which butter is better and both often get asked which butter we use. We decided to do a little research.  We are well aware of the increasing number of feedlot dairy farms in the USA and some Asian countries whereby dairy cows are confined to feedlots and are fed soley grain. These cows do not have access to green pastures. We are strongly opposed to these farming practises for environmental, health and ethical reasons.  We have looked into a few different brands, both organic and non-organic and were trying to find out:

1. if the butter came from pasture fed cows
2. how much of the cow’s diet was supplemented with grains (if used at all)
3. where the cows were living and feeding because as we know many parts of Australia are drier than others.

The origin of the butter is important. We know that the greener the pastures, the more Vitamins (A,D and K) the butter will contain. This is especially true of cows grazing on fresh spring grass. As cows eat the greens that contain Vit K1 this is converted in the cow’s stomach to Vitamin K2 (known as the X-factor), which are present in dairy fats.

We investigated 8 different butters. Here’s what we learnt.

Aldi Just Organic

Being in the city, Pinky has always had access to Aldi and would often buy the ‘Just Organic’ butter. Even though Aldi’s butter is organic, we thought it was best to know for sure where the butter was sourced from and did it come from pasture fed cows. After lots of phone calls Aldi did state that the butter was from New Zealand but their exact source was ‘confidential.’ Because Aldi was so secretive about their product this left us feeling suspicious of the source of this butter. Given the recent exposure in the media of the laxed laws around New Zealand’s packaging and labelling of imported foods, this concerned us even more.


Westgold butter is from New Zealand and uses milk from pasture fed cows (rarely given any grain) and they state that the cows are always on pastures. During the dry season the pastures are irrigated. Westgold butter is another favourite of ours as we had read about New Zealand butter being so high in Vitamin content due to the lush pastures. Westgold Butter is also produced from milk during the spring season when the grass is greenest resulting in higher Vitamin content.

Woolworths Homebrand
Westgold butter is what is used for Woolworths Homebrand. However the milk used to produce this butter is collected during the drier times of the year when pastures are poorer, therefore the butter does not contain the same high Vitamin content. This is obvious in the lighter yellow colour of the butter as well.

Woolworths Select
This is butter from Tasmania. We have read that most dairy farms in Tasmania pasture feed but we are still waiting on confirmation from the supplier.

Western Star
This butter is from Victoria produced from predominantly pasture fed cows whose diets are supplemented with small amounts of grain during milking. Through the dry season the milking herd is reduced and the cows are fed on dry fodder (hay) and some grain. If we buy Western Star we always choose the cultured variety which is in a green packet.

Organic Times

This organic butter from New Zealand comes from cows that have access to organic green pastures. Organic grain is supplemented in a small amount of 5% or less.

Organic Dairy Farmers – Australia

This is the only Australia certified organic butter made from cream produced by cows on Australian Pastures.  This butter is produced in Camperdown, Victoria whereby the cream is separated on the day the milk is received and traditionally churned into butter.  We have received validation that, whilst their butter is salted they do claim to use a natural sea salt.

Paris Creek

This is one of the only organic/biodynamic butters we have come across. It is produced by Biodynamic Dairy Farms in South Australia. Cows have access to green pastures and their diets are supplemented with organic dry fodder and barley grain during the drier times of the year.

Most varieties of butter provide an Unsalted and Salted version. We always opt for the unsalted variety UNLESS it reveals that Sea Salt is used. This was identified in the Salted version of the Organic Times Butter.

Butter Country of Origin Organic Where to Buy
     Westgold          New Zealand


Woolworths Homebrand New Zealand No Woolworths
Woolworths Select Australia/Tasmania No Woolworths
Western Star Australia/Victoria No Woolworths/Coles
Organic Times New Zealand Yes IGA/Health Food Stores
Paris Creek Australia/South Australia Yes & Biodynamic IGA/Health Food Stores

Pepe Saya

Cultured Butter

Australia Not certified Health Food Stores

Australia Organic Dairy Farmers

Australia Yes IGA/Health Food Stores 


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  1. Thanks. I’ve been introducing Weston A Price and paleo principles to my family for more than a few years and really struggle that all the great websites have international references. I’ve longed for truly local sources that I can reliably get. Although we live in the city,we mainly shop at Organic markets but sometimes when life changes we can’t get there and need to rely on a grocery store.