A Pinkfarm Dandi-Cino

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Pinkfarm Dandi-cino’s & a little story about my short love affair with coffee!  In the last 15 years I have lived without caffeine in the form of tea & coffee.  This was mostly because in the last 15 years I was pregnant or breastfeeding and it was my choice for many reasons to exclude caffeine from mine & my baby’s body.  I have always loved the smell of coffee.  With Italian ancestry I was first introduced to black coffee with a dash of red wine as a child.  We sometimes even got to have this for breakfast with toast and lashings of butter!  Sounds strange.  I know.  But that was our family.

Since the emergence of Pinkfarm and spending lots of time with my best and most beautiful buddy Pinky, I affectionately took up drinking the ‘odd’ coffee, aligning with Pinky’s city habit!  In the past month my ‘odd’ coffee has grown to be a more than often occurrence, frequenting coffee shops with my husband whilst he has been home with an injured hand.

Recently Pinky and I spent four solid days together running workshops.  Coffee was on the agenda everyday and sometimes twice!  Agghhhh!  That’s ok, I really was quite enjoying my bullet proof coffees or piccolo latte’s made on coconut cream.   Once Pinky left I just went back to my usual ways of living without coffee.  No big deal, until after 2 days I felt soooo tired.   Bone tired.  After having a few early nights and feeling as though I had had way more sleep than my body usually requires I woke up on day 3 feeling absolutely exhausted, heavy & as though I had been run over by a bus.  I felt headachy and as though I hadn’t slept.  I felt like utter crap.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me Pinky?  Could I be having coffee withdrawals?”  Sure enough by day 4 the fog started to lift. A week and a half on without coffee and my energy levels are back to normal.  I am feeling great again. Coffee had finally taken a hold of me.  What a horrible addictive and controlling feeling.  So today I enjoyed having my good old Dandelion Tea, made the Pinkfarm way.  Totally coffee proof with a good hit of saturated fat!   No more coffee binges for me!  Thermo-mix recipe below.


Pinkfarm Dandi-cino
Totally coffee proof with a good hit of saturated fat! Makes about 600ml.
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  1. 1 heaped tabs of Dandelion Tea
  2. 500ml of boiling water
  3. ½ cup of coconut cream
  4. 1.5 – 2 tabs tabs of coconut oil
  1. Place Dandelion Tea into coffee plunger and add water.
  2. Steep for 5 minutes & then plunge
  3. Pour brewed Dandelion Tea into Thermo-mix
  4. Add coconut cream & coconut oil
  5. Heat at 80c on speed 3 for 3 minutes
  6. Keep heat setting at 80c and blend for 2 mins on speed 6.
  7. Serve. Warm & creamy!
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