D’s 1st Birthday

d first birthday dog cake

Birthdays are a very special time. I have found that party planning and preparations are a way to reflect and remember the beautiful day that our children come to join us. D’s first birthday was particularly sentimental. Being my first and only child I was dedicated to making sure his birthday was extra special.  It was a special time for me. To remember the magical day of his birth.


Our staffy Jedda was right at D’s side when he was born, so they have an inseparable bond. I thought it was fitting that the party was doggie themed because of D’s bond with Jedda and, because she is black and white, we went with this colour theme. d first birthday ballon

Because the children were only 1, the food prep was more about the adults than the kids. However, hungry little hands would sure be reaching for things, so I was still careful to make sure everything was refined sugar free and labelled any food items  that contained gluten and/or dairy. 

D first birthday frittatasFido’s Frittatas, Bruiser’s Bone Cookies, Furry Fruit Platter, Hound Hummos, and Pupcakes were on the menu. 

d 1st birthday cookies D first birthday pupcakes

To end the day we celebrated with a Paw shaped cake made of hazelnut meal. The cake did contain some rapadura sugar so it was shared amongst the adults as the 1 year olds didn’t notice and were too busy toddling around and exploring the park. 

D first birthday family shot