Super Seedy Carob Fudge


Don’t you love it when you re-discover old favourites after some time of not making them?  When I found this recipe and made it for my children, the older ones were quick to say “this reminds us of when we were little”.  Don’t get…

Raspberry Vanilla Patty Cakes


These patty cakes are very reminiscent of the old fashioned patty cakes that we remember our Mum’s taking to afternoon tea parties, coated with icing.  We have created them as a nut free, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free version to serve…

Pinkfarm Zucchini Slice


This is a basic recipe that is gluten and nut free and can be dairy free also.  It is quick and easy and keeps well in the fridge for a few days, so it makes a great lunchbox addition, picnic item or simply as…

Bethy’s Poached Turkey

poached turkey

Turkey for Xmas? Turkey for easter? Turkey anytime? Why not?Fortunately we have a friend that supplies us with home grown free-range turkeys in exchange for other goods. It always seems like a task to tackle a huge bird like that….deboning, and making stock.  This…

Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cakes


There is nothing quite like a “tea cake” to conjure up a picture of ladies in floral dresses sipping tea from bone china cups with a slice of apple tea cake on the side!  This is another variation of our Raspberry Vanilla Patty Cakes….

Chicken Nuggets


These nuggets are a sure winner with the kids and are perfect for lunches at home or at school as they are equally delicious cold.  This recipe can be made as a ‘nut free’ option using brown rice flour instead of arrowroot and almond…

Granny’s Old Fashioned Chicken Soup


A lovely aroma greeted me at the door as I popped in to visit one of my Aunts some time ago. This was an aroma that soothed my soul and took me back to the comfort of my childhood. The aroma drifting from my…

Orange Cremsicles


When Autumn is here, oranges are in abundance. Our organic food coop bags are often chocked with more oranges than we can eat & Farmer has them drooping from her trees.  Instead of drinking the juice we like to use them in a recipe combined…

Almond Jam Drops


These are a “Traditional Foodie” version of an old time favourite biscuit. Mum always had a jar of Jam Drops sitting on the shelf along with Cornflake and Anzac biscuits. The Jam Drops were always my favourite. I especially loved eating the sticky, chewy…