Sprouted Buckwheat Porridge

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Although this once served as a popular breakfast in our family, since switching to a Royal Breakfast we are more likely to have Buckwheat porridge for dinner.  It is quick to prepare and easily satisfies a hungry family in the evening, taking little time…



Here is a special dessert we have promised you a long time ago!  When you have had enough of banana cakes or banana boats why not try a Bananaroon?  These little treats were invented by Farmer’s eldest; a hungry, 192cm, 14 y.o. cyclist.  This…

Thai Chicken Stacks

Thai Chicken stacks 2

If you are looking for an easy way to take care of a Royal Breakfast and provide for a nutrient dense lunch in one go then this recipe is for you.  Our new Thai Chicken Stacks will do the trick. Served over a bed…

Decadent Night Delights!

decadent brownie 2

Pinky told me about a yummy brownie she had made and wanted to share but couldn’t get a nice picture of it.  I was trying to give her ideas about how to get a good picture but it seems she wasn’t quite game enough…

Choc Creamy Dreamies

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 How very excited we were when we invented this recipe.  A smooth jelly texture, a milky chocolate feel and the healthful flavour of fat from coconut cream.  A simple treat providing the added benefits of gelatin.  You will please many people with this special…

Dots’ Chox


Looking for a new love? Well look no further. Here is the recipe for a promised treat and it ain’t ‘just’ a bliss ball. It’s a divine and delicious morsel to share and enjoy with another friend. Another ‘Dot’. Yes, that’s right, “Dot” is our…

A Pinkfarm Dandi-Cino

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Pinkfarm Dandi-cino’s & a little story about my short love affair with coffee!  In the last 15 years I have lived without caffeine in the form of tea & coffee.  This was mostly because in the last 15 years I was pregnant or breastfeeding…

Tahini Sesame Bars


This is a protein rich snack that makes a great lunchbox addition.  Works well for picnics and or travelling.  This recipe is Paleo friendly (grain, dairy & gluten free).  You can make it nut free by eliminating almonds and using more seeds.    …

Hazelnut Chunky Choc Cupcakes


Here is a special gluten, grain & dairy free cupcake that will impress at any social gathering.  Leftovers make an exciting lunchbox treat.    

Pensini Bean & Potato Salad


It wouldn’t be Xmas or the special family feast without a Bean & Potato Salad on the banquet. My grandmother migrated to Australia with her mother and sister when she was just 10 years old to reunite with their father who had moved to…